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CrN Thin Film: Production and Applications

CrN thin film, produced by our HCD (hollow cathode deposition) process, is availible up to 15 microns thick for your tool coating applications. CrN is produced by our NTH-1000 using the same ion plating process as TiN.

4 um X 4 um Scan of CrN Thin-film on Tool Steel

Process Characteristics

  • Process temperature: 200-500&#176 C
  • Thickness of CrN film: 2-20um
  • Maximum deposition area: 200mm dia. X 400mm height
  • Materials that we can coat with CrN:
    • machine tool steel
    • high speed steel
    • stainless steel
    • WC-Co

CrN is produced by the electron bombardment of a chromium source by hollow cathode discharge. The resulting evaporant reacts with nitrogen gas which is continually feed into the chamber. The resulting thin film can be CrN, Cr2N, or a mixture of both, depending on the mass flow rate of nitrogen used during the deposition.

Compared with TiN thin film, CrN offers a lower coefficient of friction as well as greater resistance to lock-up during movement. As such, CrN thin film is more suitable for tribological applications. CrN also offers greater thermal resistance and acid-base corrosion resistance than does TiN thin film.
Friction test with tribometer

Current Applications

  • Molds and dies
    • press molds
    • rubber forming molds
    • glass forming molds
    • drawing dies
  • Mechanical Parts
    • piston rings
    • compresser shoes
    • pump pins
    • pump plungers
    • textile machine parts
  • Cutting tools
    • copper alloy processing tools



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