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NTH Series

NTH-1000 – HCD Ion Plating Equipment

The NTH-1000 uses a tandem hollow cathode discharge (HCD) technique to deposit high quality TiN, CrN, TiCN, and TiCrN thin films on cutting tools, machine parts, and molds.


Being of modular construction, NTH-1000 coating capabilities may be enhanced by adding cathodic arc, DLC, and/or sputter sources to the port openings as your coating needs develop in the future.

The NTH-1000 utilizes a SCADA/MMI/PLC control system for convenient user operation. Control system features include:

  • pentium-class computer with high-speed control link
  • full graphical user interface
  • process parameters set by downloadable speadsheet recipes
  • one-button automatic process operation
  • touch screen




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