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TiKron(TM): A Two-layer Thin Film

TiKron(TM) thin film is a two-layer film consisting of a TiN layer on top of a CrN layer. TiKron is produced in the NTH-1000 by the same ion-plating process by which CrN and TiN thin-films are produced. TiKron offers the thermal and corrosion protection of CrN and the chemical stability and golden color of TiN. TiKron is especially useful for aluminum melt processing applications.

4 um X 4 um Scan of TiKron(TiCrN) Thin-film on Tool Steel

Process Characteristics

  • Process temperature: 400-500&#176 C
  • Thin-film thickness: 2-7um
  • maximum coating area: 200mm dia. X 400mm height
  • materials we can coat:
    • machine tool steel
    • high speed steel

Current Applications

  • aluminum die cast pins
  • rubber and plastic forming molds and dies
  • press molds
  • high temperature shaping molds



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