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TiN Thin Film: Production and Applications

Process Parameters

  • Process temperature: 200-500&#176 C
  • Thickness of CrN film: 2-5um
  • Maximum deposition area: 200mm dia. X 400mm height
  • Materials that we can coat with TiN:
    • machine tool steel
    • high speed steel
    • stainless steel
    • WC-Co

TiN is produced by the bombardment of a titanium source by glow discharge. The resulting evaporant reacts with nitrogen gas which is continually feed into the chamber. The resulting thin-film has the golden-yellow color characteristic of TiN.

Compared with uncoated tools, TiN coated tools offer extended life-times and reduced downtime due to tool wearout.


Current Applications

  • press molds
  • rubber forming molds
  • glass forming molds
  • drawing dies




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